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Amanda, thank you for organizing this summit. I have truly enjoyed the few speakers I have been able to listen to. This is an area of my life I would really like to explore and develop. However, it's the end of the school year and my schedule is crazy. I'm definitely going to make time to listen to more of the speakers, but am afraid I may not get through all. Will you be offering another replay this summer?

Dawn Seeley Zillman

Miz Amanda, thank you very much for having this master class. I've learned so so much and will likely have withdrawals as it comes to an end.
The folks you have chosen have been very informative and abundant with their gifts. I am taking advantage of as many of the things as I can for I want to support them as well. Not only will it help me personally but will allow me to become better for the folks I do and will serve.

Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed the class and how very much I appreciate what you are doing.

Pam, Oklahoma

Good morning Amanda!

You asked me, "What have you found is most helpful so far?"

There have been so many things that have been helpful for me in watching or listening to the interviews.

1. The variety of personalities and the unique gifts each one has to share. (This helps remind me to keep an open mind, to be open to new ideas and experiences.) Also I'm paying very close attention to their sense of passion about what they do.

2. The enthusiasm and light with which they convey their messages.(I really loved your Monday morning Facebook chat with Rich last week. His energy is electric and energizing, yet soothing too.)

3. The depth of spiritual focus each speaker has cultivated, and how they're practicing/manifesting that into their daily life.

Last night I listened to Bob the Psychic and Devi as I did dishes and prepared dinner. I've recently become reignited and reunited with my spiritual roots, which were born out of the New Age movement in the early 80's. Your Art Of Spiritual Master Class has been a great and timely tool for me to keep plugging in and trudging ahead.

Thanks again!


This Summit has definitely been wonderful and opened up some very insiteful and inspiring doors to explore. Each speaker has something unique to offer and though they might take different approachs they all come together to co- create a place of same values and spiritual harmony and growth. This in itself is so amazing. We are all one in love with what is for ours and others higher good . Indeed I have been able to tap into some very powerful messages and will replay each of the speakers at least one more time in case I missed something in their messages that Spirit was making me wait to hear... the tools I have picked up to aide in my personal growth have already helped me on my personal strength and courage to make healthier choices. I actually averted a few bad decisions as well. My personal situation has been a bit difficult over these past few years, and I have been really doing a lot of soul searching and hard work. So this could not have come at a better time... Thank you so much for all the work and energy you have put into this project !!


Susan Miller

I've only found the time to listen to 4 so far so I'm playing catch up! Watching two more tonight👍I'm loving all of the life changing/enriching information from these beautiful and amazing guests! Thank you so so much Amanda Marie💖🙏 Looking forward to watching more !

Shannon Ekblom Louwerse

Hi Amanda, 

Just wanted to tell you what a fabulous job you did with the summit. I’ve listened to the first four interviews and enjoyed them immensely. I’m sure you must have put a ton of work into this and it shows. The interviews are warm and interesting and managed very professionally. It’s just like one of the Hay House produced ones. You are so in your element!! It’s like you were born for this!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest of the interviews and your future projects!!!

Normally I listen to NPR in the mornings, but I’ve been replacing it with your interviews and am really enjoying it. Keep ‘em coming!! 

NICE JOB!!!!!!

Holly B., SD

It wonderful to hear their stories that I can relate to! It gives me hope that I will find help to find my gifts so that I can help others to find their way too.

Denice Gumerson Kaldobsky

Pretty amazing, my friend. I love how all these people took completely different routes to get to basically the same place. Fascinating!

Chris, SD

Have listened to 4 so far and loving it! Getting so much information that I can apply to this journey.

Therese, Ohio